> Fazio, general practitioners think of the più to generic

To increase the consumption of these medicinal products, which may, in addition to providing care, secure, generate savings to invest in innovative medicines.

the revival of The ‘not branded’ is fundamental, according to the deputy minister for Health Ferruccio Fazio, and in his speech at the annual meeting of Farmindustria-the Eagle has emphasized the importance of interventions to curb the growth of pharmaceutical expenditure.

with regard To the expenditure on the territory, explained Fazio, there are “ample margin recovery” in particular on the prescriptions for optimal drugs. The deputy minister spoke of a reform of continuing Education in medicine (Ecm), just to promote the prescription of generics. Drugs that “in Europe, representing up to 50% of the market and weigh only 18% of the expenditure.

The market share of Italy in this sector è the più low in Europe, also becauseé I said Fazio – the prices are too high”.

The deputy minister has appealed to the industry with which it is told is available to collaborate perché are removed all the barriers to encourage the use of these drugs, important and, above all, to grow innovation. The savings, in fact, “will need to be invested in innovative medicines”.

Page published on June 25, 2009

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