> Fimmg, ok nurses in pharmacy

But the white coats ask, forò, and that this presence is not an alternative to the now indispensable in the studies of primary care.

The Fimmg also asks that you invest in, not interrupting a path già started by a few years, on the training of nurses both with respect to the home care for chronic diseases and disabilità the ‘medicine ‘ initiative’ promoted in the studies of the family physician. the

Giacomo Milillo, secretary general of Fimmg – yesterday morning in Rome he met the Ferruccio Fazio to discuss the topic – clarifies così the position of the largest trade union of the category, the day after the announcement of the same deputy minister of Health on the use in pharmacy of nurses for pressure control, distribution of reports, prevention campaigns, and more.

During the meeting this morning Milillo explained that the Fimmg has no intention to interfere with the Ddl of the reform of the pharmacies to the review of the Senate and has received assurances on the involvement of physicians, pharmacists, and nurses.

“The union is however committed – he said Milillo – in redrawing the area of the primary care starting from a reorganisation of the medical studies that meets the needs of the citizens. In this path, it must be respected the priorityà of the use of resources in the national health Service”.

Of the rest, according to Milillo, the figure of the nurse, and employee of the studio, next to the doctor of the family, constitutes an essential element of that model of care on the territory, drawn from the assumptions of national and collective Agreement for primary care signed recently.

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“Until today, forò – remember Milillo – less than 10% of studies doctors can; count on the presence of nurses”.

Page published on June 24, 2009