> Approved the budget of the Enpam

The Enpam has ended the financial year recording an increase of net assets of 8,13%, passing from 8.316.999.849 2007 to 8.992.969.379 of 2008.

The Meeting expressed appreciation to the president of the Institution, Eolo Parodi, emphasizing the “rigour and transparency that have marked the economic management of the Foundation, in a year characterized by a deep financial crisis,” it said in a note.

with regard To the operating result in 2008, it reads in the note, showed a surplus of 675.969.530 which forò to be added to the prudential provision to the reserve for Fluctuations in Securities of € 400 million, decided to cover the risk of loss in the value of investment securities, having regard to the difficult financial markets, and the burden of 145 million euro as a write-down of activities; – financial non-current assets but likely to regain value in subsequent years.

From here, considering precisely the provisions made, the income earned is equal to 1.220.969.530 euro.

Finally the appearance relating to the transactions on real estate assets made by the Foundation, which led to the sale of buildings for commercial and residential for a total value of 209.443.158 euro.

Activitiesà of sales, which, in turn, has led to the coffers of the Enpam a net gain of 136.238.202 euro.

The national Council has also approved unanimouslyà an order of the day, to reject “instrumental and unfounded news reports about the real economic-financial situation of the Foundation, there Is “wide confidence in the work of the president Parodi and of the Board of Directors by inviting all the doctors and dentists Italian to a more careful defense of their Institution, which continues to base its work on transparency and unità of intent, to continue to guarantee a maximum fastnessà and standardà of the Entity.

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Page published on 29 June 2009