> Chemical castration is not is a definitive solution

He is convinced Vincent Polite, president of the Italian Society of andrology (Sia), speaking on the debate lit up in Italy after the arrest of the accountant accused of being the serial rapist of Rome.

The use of a tool such as chemical castration, warns the expert, “provides for a continuing therapy and controlled, which must be accepted voluntarily by the individual concerned.

Sure, said the ADNKRONOS HEALTH – treatment solves temporarily the problem, but we must also keep in mind the fact that the chemical castration side effects also important, from osteoporosis to depression, the decline of attention”.

Also, the subcutaneous administration of the drugs needed to ‘turn off’ the impulse and sexual desire “is to be decided after carefully reviewing the history of the psycho-sexual of the patient, the type of crime that he has committed, and the greater the chanceà to repeat it”.

In these cases, reiterates the number one Is, “there is a complex work and più articulated” simple injections, which should involve psicosessuologi, psychiatrists, and urologists”.

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Page published on the 13th of July 2009

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