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And’ online the new website of the Centre of interdepartmental research European Centre for Life Sciences Health and the Courts (Eclsc) of the università di Pavia, at the address www.unipv.it/Eclsc

The portal, which will beà the ‘base’ for the interdisciplinary network, was presented at a recent conference on biomedical sciences and law, by the scientific director/Committee of bioethics of the Irccs Foundation, Policlinico San Matteo, from the Centre Eclsc of the università degli studi di Pavia and by the College Ghislieri.

Among the projects of the Centre Ecls – established by the università di Pavia in 2004 to promote the scientific dialogue between the various disciplines, – c’è archive International Multilanguage Archive on the Law of Genetics, Bio-Banks, Intellectual Property Rights and related issues (Iblarc), sponsored by the Center for interdepartmental research Eclsc in collaboration with the European Network for Life Sciences Health and the Courts (Enlsc), the network of scientists, judges and lawyers, european.

The Iblarc, which partirà in short, he wants to be a consultation tool constructed in accordance with a modeà the original that allows you to overcome the problems of multilingualism. Brings together online cases and materials (court decisions, laws, regulations, and the best scientific doctrine and legal projects in the field of scientific-biological etc) in a single common context.

The materials are organised according to a criteria of easy-to-twenty-fourà, accessibility; by lawyers and Courts, but also of scientists, researchers, lawyers, legislators, businesses and citizens.

Cystitis: causes, symptoms and treatment

Page published on the 13th of July 2009

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