> The Government has proposed the scrapping

the answer of the president of Cimo Asmd, Stefano Biasioli, the minister of Public administration, Renato Brunetta, which in recent days has said that “there is no standard that establishes the ability to retire with 40 contribution years”.

This statement, for Biasioli, “it is true”.”You do not want to be said here – underlines Biasioli in a note – that the minister tell the fake, but we want to say that obviously ignore what it is doing his own Government.

And c’è più”, add Biasioli. “The amendment ends exactly with this phrase, ‘excluding university professors, the magistrates, the directors of the unità complex operation'”. Biasioli also denies another statement of the minister. the

“Brunette – highlights – claims to have provided exemptions for those who work in the Nhs, compared to those applicable in the rest of the public administration. The official text of his decree, which is released by a recent Council of ministers, does not contain any exemption.

Even if – adds the president of Cimo – these exemptions had been written yesterday, they have a value only after ratification by the Council of Ministers. However, remain the facts. And the facts – ends Biasioli, they say, that is a massive dissent from the institutional vis-à-vis the decree of the current, as is shown by the attitude assumed, in respect of the same decree, not only from those who represent 85% of the medical staff, but also by significant institutions such as the Regions and the Cnel.

Page published on the 12th of July 2009

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