> Brega Massone: I worked for have certainty

Pier paolo Brega Massone, ex-primary of thoracic surgery at the clinica S. Rita, responded yesterday to questions from the prosecution as part of the process in which it is accused of fraud in the national health System, and serious injury relating to alleged unnecessary surgeries in the past.

The PM has said that the più times sought to explain the reasons for which it considers reliable some diagnostic methods, such as needle biopsy and had preferred in the past to opt immediately for surgery, the doctor, months in prison, explained that in his view, “radiology is a help, the real diagnosis I have only with surgery.”

A ‘vision’ that confirmed even when the pm accused him of “jumping out the step diagnostic”. “I have skipped, but he stated, Brega Massone – the true diagnosis I have only with surgery.”

As to the preventive surgery “whenever you have a suspect – has pointed out, the defendant – intervene può be a prevention to eliminate tumors in the early stage and don’t get there when it’s too late.”

by Answering questions of the prosecution, in addition, the doctor has also admitted that “a surgeon sometimes can; even wrong”.

the published Page July 07, 2009

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