> Breast cancer sovradiagnosticato?

With the result that many women are operated on and underwent chemotherapy, benché I don’t have a real need, sinceé the cancer identified, at least according to the research of the Nordic Cochrane Centre in Denmark, it would be difficult to develop and threatens the life. Supporters of the screening programmes, pointing the finger against the study, which is likely to generate distrust and doubts about the test save life.

In England alone, they make out on the Bbc website online, these programs save well-to 1,400 lives each year, snatching from death almost four women to the dì. But according to the Danish researchers, the study results show that screening can lead to “over-diagnosis” cases.

And the same Gilbert Welch, an expert from the Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy, in an editorial that accompanies the study admits, benché mammograms help certainly to women, “may also have the consequence of bringing some to undergo treatments even though you don’t have a real needà.

And it is not – remember – therapies read”. While defending, sword in the tests stana-cancer è Julietta Patnick, at the head of the Program of screening for cancers of the health Service uk (Nhs), with a polemic note reminds us that “one in eight women would be dead without the tests”.

breast cancer Prevention: how to reduce risk

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Page published on the 12th of July 2009

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