> Approved in commission DDL on clinical Governance

The confirmation comes by Domenico Di Virgilio, vice-president of the Pdl Group in Montecitorio, in a note like, “be a speaker and proponent of the measure in the field, are satisfied with the work done in the Social Affairs Committee, where today (yesterday, ndr) has been approved, the basic text that substantially change the law 502 of 1992”.

“In the basic text continues,” Virgil’s – is focused particular attention on two fundamental aspects to make a model of the sanità effective and efficient, in line with the expectations of the citizens and health care providers, or the restoration of meritocracy and respect for the role of the doctor in the local health units and hospitals.”

“Besides,” continued the rapporteur of the measure are established new criteria for the appointment of directors-general, for competitions for primary and for a uniform age of retirement of doctors in the hospitals to the university, i.e. at the age of 70.

The process will continueà with the presentation of the amendments to the base text by me proposed – ends Of Virgil – to reach così in the Classroom after the social Affairs Committee, the avrà approved”.

Page published on July 30, 2009

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