> The italians are not afraid of the H1N1

And, in a sort of ranking of the 19 Countries around the world analysed, the Peninsula ranks in eighth place, all in all, in line with the other

And’ what emerges from an investigation of the group WIN (Worldwide Independent Network Of Market Research), of which Doxa is the Italian representative, to know the state of mind of the citizens of a dozen Countries in times of pandemic.

italians are all agree to say that their Country is “quite prepared to cope with an epidemic of mass swine flu”. The belief that the position of Italy on the fourth place in the standings considering this aspect. In general, it emerges a lack of concern on the spread of the virus A/H1N1, that è even moreù mild on average in Europe.

in Only two Countries, China and Bolivia, the più halfà of the respondents, it is known as “quite or very worried” to the pandemic that is spreading. On tv and In the newspapers do not talk about each other, but only 28% of respondents in the Countries surveyed it is said to be “quite or very worried”.

The more fears they have them for women and young people, especially those with less than 35 years. With regard to the level of preparation of their Country to face an epidemic of mass, the research shows that the majority of respondents are ready, the first among all the citizens of Switzerland and Austria, which are also those with the level of concern più below.

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Conversely, in Argentina and Bolivia the people are not only those più in anxiety, but it will feel even less ready. Shine not to trust even the americans, that about 19 Countries involved, who earned 16.th place, after Japan and the United Kingdom, not entirely convinced of the strategy implemented by their Governments.

Page published on July 28, 2009