> The sick environment, and italians at risk

there is a Lack of joint action in managing the various ‘attacks’ are moved to the environment from various sources of pollution, and our Country situation is patchy.

it Is the photography that emerges from the first edition of the report Osservasalute the Environment (2008), analysis of the state of health of the environment and its effects on the health of the Italian population made by the national Observatory on health in the Italian regions, based at the università Cattolica in Rome and is co-ordinated by Walter Ricciardi, director of the Institute of Hygiene of the Facultyà of Medicine and Surgery.

the authors of The report, presented yesterday in the Capital, are Antonio Azara, of the Institute of Hygiene and preventive Medicine of the università di Sassari and Umberto Moscato, of the Institute of Hygiene at the università Cattolica of rome.

“Are obvious performance differences between Regions in addressing the risk of environmental stresses, Ricciardi – even more if you consider how limiting it is to consider the problem according to the geographical boundaries, economic and social situation of the Regions themselves.

In this, the phenomenon of ‘regionalization’ of decision-making processes, also in the field of the environment, may increase instead of decrease the existing gaps”. “In most cases – adds Muscat – the environment is monitored only for legal obligation, and such monitoring is disconnected with respect to a real understanding of the phenomenon of health/disease in the population.

These problems are amplified when viewed in a perspective of the gap between the Regions (virtuous and less virtuous), whereas pollution is a global phenomenon.

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That is, although a citizen of Pavia could ‘gloat’ as the province declares that the environmental parameters are good, actuallyà industrial smoke from Campania, where the controls are less stringent or absent, might at any moment result in adverse effects on his health, becauseé the pollutants do not stop at regional borders”.

According to the report, however, you can notò make a clear distinction between the North circle and South problematic, unlike what has emerged so far for the management of health in the different editions of the report Osservasalute, which were periodically photographed a North that is getting better and a Noon worsening.

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