> Coluccia (DsMedica), serves as the guarantor of qualityà of the data

According to Coluccia serves as “a guarantor of qualityà of the data banks on drugs” to fill the gaps highlighted from the document.

“The problem seems to be a certain ‘weakness’ of clinical information to the doctor – says Coluccia – And this has reasons well understood. All of the software-house – explains – they use the data banks of the medicines ‘designed’ for the distribution.

Therefore, aspects of the product (such as notes and ricettabilità) are well-cared for, unlike the clinical aspects (possible interactions with foods or other drugs)”.

The evaluation shows that the products on the market in the media are good – it lays claim to the president of DS Medical – but need to be improved. In short, the dossier came to some very interesting indications.

And già different software-houses are working to improve. Us, for example – says – we made an international agreement to deploy MD Consult , a well-known system of clinical decision support”.

But the real need is to be able to rely on a guarantor for the qualityà of the data banks. A role – concludes Coluccia that would cover the same Aifa (Italian drug Agency)”.

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Page published on July 27, 2009

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