> Cricelli (Simg), the electronics do not have to do all the

But only to offer a suggestion to the ‘white coats’, who then decides, for their own account”, stresses Claudio Cricelli, president of the Simg (Società italiana di medicina generale).

“First of all I’m puzzled about the competence of those who conducted the survey – says controversial Cricelli – Today, however, the medical record is a complex instrument, with a series of services and functions balanced, which must be taken into account”. In short, not è born così in the case. “Some aspects are more developed becauseé più used by the doctors.

For example, the software on the interactions according to the dossier, it would be necessary, would cause excessive this tool, only to be seen by doctors with a tip”. In short, clinical records should not “be able to do everything, but only to simplify the work of the physician and increase the protection of the health of patients”.

And this second Cricelli happens già. “Moreover, the folders have been created on the basis of the experience of tens of thousands of doctors, and take it into account really”, says the president of the Simg.

Page published on July 27, 2009

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