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in Short, below the profile information, the computer tools used today by the family doctors to prescribe drugs to patients are “all review”, and the danger is not so much to make the life of a ‘white coat’ as to do harm to patients.

Is what emerges from a dossier ad hoc, which has been put under the microscope eight of the più common software of management of medical records in Italy, highlighting the ‘nodes’ and suggesting possible improvements, to the benefit of the health of the citizens.

The document is part of the ‘Software Project’, a programme he has worked on ‘Dialogue on drugs’ (the magazine aimed at family doctors, pediatricians and health care providers), financed by the Veneto Region and the Italian drug Agency. Used by general practitioners to prescribe in a rational way, and più safe medicines to their patients, these tools are forò the disappointing results in terms of the information conveyed.

so Much so that no one has exceeded the 54% of the maximum score provided by the experts. “The requirements of qualityà scarce, especially in relation to the technical specifications of the drugs, often incomplete, and information on medicinal products, in general, very deficient”, write the authors of the dossier. None of the software contains detailed information on the efficacy and safety of the medicinal product, né information from independent sources.

In all, then, it is missing the package leaflet or indicative data on the products useful for patients. Incomplete also the information on interactions between drugs, “fundamental for the protection of health of citizens”, say the authors of the dossier. Also, there are the reminders, which remind the physician to perform the examinations necessary for the monitoring of certain drugs.

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The majority of the software evaluated did not even the complete list of medications equivalent. Finally, two of the eight computer tools under consideration can accommodate even the advertising; and about the drugs. The evaluation of the software has been made in the course of 2009 on the basis of ten indicators and sub-indicators of the qualityà, relating to the information considered more useful for the doctor and the patient. Have been analyzed the information related to the drugs più prescribed, both to those whose safety profile, requires no special management measures.

in The end, the working group has assigned a score to each of the eight software: no one has passed the 54% of the score ‘prize’. Considered the disappointing results of the scientific Committee of the project (consisting of physicians, pharmacologists, and pharmacists), together with the heads of management software, has identified a series of recommendations to improve the qualityà of these tools.

all with an eye to the near future. Some software-house, they would già open to change, “and it is therefore likely that things begin to improve.”

a common Goal, to make electronic medical records a tool that allows the doctor to prescribe the drugs in safety, limiting errors. C’è, however, note the authors, as a brake on the improvement of the software.

unlike the majority of european Countries, Italy is lacking the database up to date and complete technical data sheets of the drugs in the trade, which include the summary of product characteristics (SMPC) and package leaflets. To change things, so one should begin from here.

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Page published on July 27, 2009