> H1N1 flu: Fazio, good adhesion doctors to vaccine

Yesterday in Milan, on the sidelines of the congress of the Società italiana di ematologia (Sie), Fazio emphasizes that in order to convince the white coats to give the injection ‘shield’ “I don’t absolutely insist. The doctors have all my esteem and are perfectly capable of deciding what to do”.

However, the minister admits that “maybe even on our part have not been sufficiently communicated the reasons for which it is recommended that the medical class is a vaccine against the new flu”. Fazio repeated, therefore, the reasons of the campaign.

the First “we want to nip the virus in the più soon, becauseé in a pandemic, the danger is the recirculating of the virus, which canò cause then any mutations with increased aggressività” of the same microorganism.

“To quickly close the peak phase of, forò – repeats the minister – we are in need of doctors. Già today (yesterday, ndr), in Rome, there have been pressures on hospitals, and for this we need to repeat that the first treatment against the virus should not be done in the hospital, but by contacting the family doctor. That’s whyé it would be useful that, at the time of the peak, the general practitioners were not sick.”

The second good reason becauseé the white coats you vaccinino, adds the minister, is that “in some cases, the possible respiratory complications that are managed in the departments of pneumology and intensive care unit. And also in this case, he concluded, it would be desirable that at the end of the year, at peak, these clinicians are available”.

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Page published on 19 October 2009