> White, è important to vaccinate even doctors

To say that è Amedeo White, president of the national Federation of the Orders of doctors (Fnomceo), which invites the white coats “to take into serious consideration the opportunityà to be vaccinated,” after which some surveys have indicated a high percentage of doctors are not willing to immunize itself. “However, we are facing a pandemic.

And even if the virus is particularly aggressive, is definitely very contagious”, he reminded the ADNKRONOS SALUTE the president of the Italian doctors.

“The reasons for which è been given priorityà the immunization of health care workers are two,” recalls White, emphasizing that the choice of doctors è the individual is not c’è the obligation to submit to the vaccine.

“The first is linked to the fact that, for their mission of care, can more readily come in contact with the virus. The second is of interest in più general and serves to prevent that, when there sarà the peak of the pandemic, do not put it to bed also those who care”. On the basis of these two elements, “è più that’s useful to get vaccinated. I vaccinerei,” concludes White.

Page published on 19 October 2009

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