> Fazio announces log fractures from osteoporosis

To proclaim the testing, which will be shortly launched in six Regions of the country, the deputy minister for Health Ferruccio Fazio, spoke yesterday at the presentation of the world day ofosteoporosis, celebrated throughout the world and which this year has as its slogan: ‘operational’: “”Identify people at high risk”.

The Registry, ” explains Fazio, was born with the objective to have a clear picture of the phenomenon of fractures of the bones that have been weakened by the disease, which is particularly important in our Country where the population is ageing.

But servirà to evaluate the results obtained in terms of health and, “to have expenditure data – continued Fazio – that the fractures and the diagnostic consequences and implications for the health service.

We have to take into account, in fact, that for the pharmaceutical c’è been an increase in cost of 10 times in the last seven years.” Fazio has explained that they are not yet official names of the Regions that initiate the trial: “there will be a meeting next week on the topic. It is, however, the Regions distributed on the territory of the national and even the great”.

The deputy minister has specified, moreover, that today the logs of the disease has a different value than in the past when they were mainly used for epidemiological evaluations.

“osteoporosis is a problem that is imported in Italy, becauseé we have a population of long-lived and that does exacerbate these problems. This – says – it adds to the difficultyà to have a precise picture of the fracture.

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Those of the femur, for example, are detectable by the hospital discharge (Sdo) perché the patients are admitted, while vertebral fractures, usually treated in the emergency room, are underestimated even if there are 10 times moreù. The hypothesis to be discussed with the Regions, then, in addition to the Registry, is also to include the diagnosis of fracture of the frailtyà in the discharge cards of hospitals and first Aid and secondary diagnosis of osteoporosis”.

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Page published on 20 October 2009