> AMAMI, studio FOOTSTEPS is a starting point

Così Maurizio Maggiorotti, president of the Association of doctors accused of malpractice unfairly (Amami), commented on the data published in these days by the Observatory on the responsibilityà medical (Footsteps).

“And’ in fact essential to – add – an Observatory of litigation and error to converge necessarily all of the claims and allegations made in Italy, otherwise, every studio remains unusable becauseé part.

Without the obligation of reporting any observatory is absolutely useless, while the data of the Footsteps are made only by the judgments of the Civil Court of Rome in the years 2001-2007″, precise. “It would be like to study the pandemic in the Italian of the flu virus by getting the data that come from all 50 medical doctors in Rome,” he says.

regarding the via della conciliazione “voluntary”, the proposal by the Order of doctors of Rome, Maggiorotti defines it, “rhetoric and bankruptcy since when we do not understand the needà of the obbligatorietà of this instrument.

The attempt to court litigation, preliminary compulsory, it would be among the more in line with what happens in other european Countries”.

Amami asked since 2002 to establish an Observatory of litigation, the physician with the obligation of reporting and also the improcedibilità court as the first action. “Fortunately,” concludes Maggiorotti – our bill has been taken from the Senate that is debating in these days.

If the Classroom were to dismiss in its entirety, we are the end to this escalation of claims dictated too often by the desire of easy money”.  

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Page published on October 18, 2009