> Lazio, urgent rationalization of hospitals

The hearing of the president of the Lazio Region, Piero Marrazzo, convened by the president of the Council, has confirmed “the needà of an adequate plan for the rationalization of the hospital network, which will haveà be submitted jointly by the commissioner and Sub-commissioner Mario Morlacco the examination of the technical State and the Regions”.

this was stated in a note to the minister of Labour, health and social policy, Maurizio Sacconi. “Marrazzo explains Sacconi – has been convened by the president of the Council in relation to the critical findings of the analysis carried out jointly by the technical committee the State and the Regions and by the committee for the evaluation of the essential performance levels, which required significant maneuvers of correction and regeneration of the expense of providing services più suitable to the costs of the più content to the citizens of Lazio.

The meeting has been induced also by a letter from worried of the sub-commissioner Morlacco, in relation to the possible financial crisis of the sanità regional”. “The congruità of the plan of rationalization of the hospital network – continues the minister – will allowà to reorient the resources towards the territorial services in order to develop a greater suitability of the performance. At the same time, achieved the objectives of the plan, return, enableà the provision of financial resources otherwise blocked according to the rule of law”.

Page published on 15 October 2009

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