> Pain and risk depression, part of a european campaign

And it is precisely this problematic ‘tandem’ that the EFIC, the European Federation of IASP Chapters launches a public awareness campaign.

In Italy, the initiative – which is linked to the european week against pain that you è concluded Mondayì – is supported by the Italian Association for the study of pain (Aisd) and by the Fondazione Paolo Procacci.

According to data from the european chronic pain sufferers complain of a worsening remarkable in qualityà of life. 30% of the sick has più difficultyà in the lead an autonomous life, 27% are not able to maintain their family and social relationships, 19% do not è più able to perform activitiesà sexual.

The 50% you feel tired all the time, 43% said that the pain in them ‘cripples’ and makes them feel helpless, the 44% had difficultyà to think and concentrate, 16%, and in some days of the particular suffering, admits to having wanted the death. Chronic pain sufferers likely to three times the più of succumbing to depression, those who suffer from depression are ill three times more often with chronic pain. Patients who suffer from pain and depression occur with more frequency to medical care, even if the disease is severe.

But not è said that they receive a better care. According to some estimates, più of the 50% of depressed patients who consult their family doctors complaining only of physical symptoms, including pain, è the più frequently.

According to the promoters of the campaign “a più wide spread of awareness and knowledge on the complex relationships between depression and pain is essential for a better classification of patients and therapeutic management always più effective.” The campaign EFIC has the purpose of promoting information among health care, government leaders and the general population on aspects of this important comorbidità.

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