> Federanziani, increase the risk of pneumonia severe

But the fear is that “this year, with the increase in cases of influenza due to the pandemic virus A/H1N1, “the elderly will be most affected by the disease”.

To launch the alarm is Federanziani, on the occasion of the world Day of pneumonia, which is celebrated yesterday.

The association invites the Institutions to have recourse to vaccination, anti-pneumococcal “massively”, to avoid a surge in deaths. In Italy – remember Federanziani in a note – according to the data of the cards hospital discharge published on the website of the ministry of Health, in 2007 there were about 120 thousand hospitalizations for pneumonia. But to this should be added all the cases of pneumonia for which there has been arranged hospitalization, of which to date there is no national estimate.

And this year the fears linked to the infection increase: “pneumonia, in fact, reminiscent of Roberto Messina, president of Federanziani – in many cases occurs as a complication of the flu”.

Fabrizio Pregliasco, virologist of the università degli Studi di Milano, stressed that “among all the cases of pneumonia, 70% is made up of pneumonias secondary, that is; in cases which arise as a result of another infection”.

In particular, in the context of pneumonia secondary in 95% of cases the person responsible for the primary infection is a bacteria: pneumococcus”. “Against pneumococcal pneumonia – continued Messina – the weapons available are two: the vaccine, and specific antibiotic therapy.

The first you should do before contracting the disease, the antibiotic is used instead after getting sick, with the disadvantage forò that in a percentage of 15-20% of the cases cannot be healed becauseé you è developed a resistance to the antibiotic administered,” warns the president of Federanziani.

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Therefore, calls on the association, è important to remember the Who guidelines according to which è essential to have vaccines for the prevention of pneumonia, which are the più effective treatment options are currently available.

the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Cdc) americans have reported that, between may and August of this year, the pneumococcus has been the bacterium più found in cases of deaths from bacterial infection which took over the influenza A.

And something similar is the case in the Spanish flu pandemic of the years 1918-19, remember Federanziani: the pneumococcus is a result, the bacterium responsible for the largest number of pneumonia determinants of deaths.

In conclusion, therefore, “it is necessary that the decision-makers must take note of all of usò, and the use of preventive vaccination on a massive scale for putting an end to this ‘harvest’ of the screw.

Page published on 04 November 2009