> Cittadinanzaattiva, no disparityà on the vaccine

To invoke her è Cittadinanzattiva-Tribunal for patients ‘ rights, who reports as in these hours, you are actually checking “disparityà of treatment between the Regions” in the distribution of the doses.

“In Lombardy – summarizes the association in a note – came 320.547 doses, in the Lazio 183.922, in Campania 192.723 (even though it was the region more affected in Italy by the virus, with an incidence of 12,37 per thousand inhabitants), in the Piedmont region 186.790 doses delivered in front of 100 thousand expectations, in the Marche region of 1,400 in front of 46 thousand expected”.

In view of the State-Regions Conference called for tomorrow about the emergence of the influenza A, Cittadinanzattiva launched an appeal: “Be guaranteed in a timely manner and throughout the national territory, the access to the vaccine”.

it is important that the ministry of Welfare, reiterates, Teresa we must, secretary general of Cittadinanzattiva, “the guarantor of correct information to the citizens about the real risks of the flu, the opportunityà to be vaccinated, as well asé the organisation of vaccination campaigns in the regions”.

And to prevent the clogging of the emergency room and the crowding of the studies of the family doctors and pediatricians, concludes we must, “all the services of community care, including outpatient clinics and polyclinics” should be “involved in the management of influenza”.

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Page published on 04 November 2009

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