> SIDIP, stop alerts on pregnant women

The concerns they generate anxiety, which is bad for the same woman and fetus, the più than can harm the new flu.

Enough with the unjustified alarmism”.

says Claudio Giorlandino, gynaecologist, president of the Sidip (Società italiana of prenatal diagnosis and maternal and fetal medicine).

“The gynecologists who deal with obstetrics and maternal-fetal medicine continually receive, pregnant women, terrified by the fear of the flu that is spreading. There are pregnant women with a cold, we call it più times a day – says Giorlandino – a prey to fears unjustified”.

“don’t you have to do is to reassure, to calm and try to throw water on the fire. Many have a crisis of anxiety. They are afraid of the influence, but also of the vaccine. Remain attached to the tv and to the Internet to be updated on any indications from the ministry of Health. But watching ten news of the day does nothing but multiply the fear, especially in the pregnant woman that is; più subject to mood changes, è più sensitive, emotional”.

According to Giorlandino, “when a woman is in the state interesting test of fear, is under stress, the body produces a quantity; of hormones that can cross the placenta and reach the baby through the circulation of the blood”. In short, stress is bad. “There are cases in which a strong anxiety in a pregnant woman può lead to the birth of a child with problems of insomnia, food intolerances, or other types of events related to the phenomenon of stress”. 



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Page published on 03 November 2009