> Fazio, H1N1 20 times less deadly virus seasonal

this was stated by the deputy minister for Health Ferruccio Fazio, interviewed by Maurizio can Look in the book ‘The call’ during the transmission ‘Morning 5’. “The dead are there, says Fazio – we are from the us, but much of più in other Countries,” he reiterates. While Italy has a population of today, 18 deaths (including the last one recorded in Salerno), 9 of which are in Campania, “the dead are 44 in France, 137 in England and 63 in Spain”, lists.

sometimes, Unfortunately they die, “pregnant women and children. This is definitely worrying, “admits the deputy minister – Even though Italy has had less deaths than the other Countries”, and also if the surgical mortality will be linked to the H1N1 virus is less than that of the classical influence in the winter, it is still a pandemic flu, he says. “And’ useless ‘chase’ death after death,” adds Fazio.

And, above all, “we are not going to clog up the hospitals, if not in the end everything is worse,” says re-launching the appeal to contact in the first instance, to family doctors.

The flu, the deputy minister, “normally not dà important symptoms. Li dà in a small percentage of the patients: the risk groups that should be vaccinated”, sick children including. The severe forms in people without the disease, previous, remember, are the result of “an immune reaction to excess.”

This causes “a discharge of cytokines, inflammatory substances responsible for “an interstitial pneumonitis, which canò be serious”. With respect to children, the precise Fazio, you get sick of the più perché living in community; and they do not have specific defences, but “are not più at risk” of complications. Not è that, in short, that if you get sick, do it in a way to force serious.

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Page published on 03 November 2009