> Hygienists, the virus hits even with the communication

it is the opinion of the hygienists of the Companyà Italian of hygiene, preventive medicine and sanità the public (web Sites), according to which in this moment “the population is interested in the epidemiological data, but the modeà administration of vaccines in your cityà, know the risks, and whether it is prudent or not to send their children to school”.

Feet on the ground, therefore, and a lot of common sense and raziocino sinceé, highlights the Sites, “in the correct management of an epidemic such as this one you must pay great attention to the aspect of the media, in order to avoid a reaction to unjustified panic, as is happening these days.

should Be well communicated to the ministry – continued the Companyà scientific – although perhaps a daily frequency is exaggerated, but we also want those of the departments of the regional authorities in the sanità, and those of the Departments of prevention of the individual Asls, which should be empowered to give to the population all the necessary information”.

At this time, “the real emergency is concerned the contraddittorietà of the information – concluded the experts – and the different timing of the regional”.

Page published on 03 November 2009

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