> Young Italian doctors in comparison

Among the white coats that start each year on the exercise of the profession, there are about 8 thousand specialists, 500 trained in general medicine. White coats who denounce the same residents, add to the large share of temporary employment già accumulated over the years.

And sarà just that one of the central themes of the national conference Sigm (Italian secretary of the young doctors), which opens its doors tomorrow in Rome, in the conference Room of the Foundation Enpam from 15 hours. ‘Less political and more merit in the sanità of the future’ is the slogan adopted by the young doctors, the common thread of the conference that makeà the steps starting from tomorrow.

the delegates of The offices Sigm will meet to face, in the presence of the institutions, the main themes of current relevanceà for category: the competition and the right of access to the schools of specialization; training the medical specialist; the training and status of the doctor in specific training in general medicine; access of young doctors for research; to simplify the bureaucracy and legislation; and access to the world of work and social protection; selection criteria for the access to the role of medical director.

the Page was published on October 29, 2009

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