> The Fp-Cgil, the electronic certificate is only one spot

says Up Mussel, national secretary of Fp Cgil Medici, Nicola Preiti, national coordinator of the union for general medicine.

The certificate on line, provided for in legislative Decree 150, encourages “millions of workers in the private that will be così to be exempt from a commitment that before it was up to them,” say the unionists, emphasizing, forò for the moment it seems only an advertisement.

“In much of the Country – they explain – there are still the conditions for the implementation of this commendable initiative. Perhaps the minister Renato Brunetta with a magic wand able to translate into reality this way”.

For Mussel and Preiti “once again, the minister of Public administration before embarking upon initiatives highly appreciated by the public but difficult to achieve it would be good to meet before those who should implement them instead of the proclamation, providing for the punishments, mandatory contractual arrangements, for those who do not apply.

Dismiss those who reuse not it will sendà certificates from 15 November, the date of entry into force of the decree, or remove the convention to the family doctor, ‘unfaithful’, but without the necessary instrumentation, is not the solution”.

Page published on 08 November 2009

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