> Search, come 1.6 billion for the South

this was announced Friday by the minister of Education, università and research, Mariastella Gelmini, speaking at the seventh Day of the Research of Confindustria.

The minister then pointed out that within the Pon, a program targeted to the regions of convergence “cioè almost all the regions of the South,” there will be for the first time resources amounting to eur 100 million for firms in the North, provided by the più large national research Plan.

Speaking at the auditorium of Confindustria, Gelmini stressed the great effort made for the Nrp “for the first time by the ministry of education and all ministries involved, but also by the territorial entities and research and by companies”.

He then highlighted that the objective of increasing the funds for research is definitely a priority, but “with the objective of reaching 2% of Gdp of investment and research is still too far away”.

For the minister, in addition, investments in research are still “too fragmented, and this spraying does not help us to have a leading role in Europe and especially in the seventh and in the eighth framework programme to bring hundreds of millions in european research, funds which – said Gelmini – Italy has access to the protagonist”.

Page published on 08 November 2009

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