> Clinical engineers, sì technical directors

“The introduction in hospitals of a director of technology, he explained, that would ensure a secure, economic and appropriate technological assets during the entire life cycle of biomedical equipment is a guarantee for the safety of the patients, an important impulse to the modernization of equipment in diagnostic and therapeutic, as well asé is an effective weapon for the optimization of the economic resources of the national health Service”.

The technical director, in fact, “would ensure the management of health technologies, by coordinating properly the relationships with the manufacturers of medical devices for the maintenance and the evaluation of the efficiency of biomedical equipment”, adds the association.

“Finally, you è been educated the importance of establishing a strategic direction for the Health Technology Management,” said the president of Aiic Peter Derrico, head of the Service of clinical engineering of the ospedale Pediatrico Bambino Gesù, Rome – This recognition highlights how the management of the technologies is given a strategic importance, both as a function of the efficiency of the activities; the care of the modernisation and innovation of the Ssn”.

Derrico hopes that “the central Institutions and regional authorities are, as before to sustain the path of institutional recognition of the engineer-clinical, professional, unique in sanità, and that also operates in Italy for over 30 years. This new profession – concludes – not only is it essential on the subject of patient safety for the containment of technology risk, but also to contribute to the qualityà and the appropriateness of care.”

the Page was published on October 28, 2009

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