> The Cgil, for the medical two oaths, but no contract

To say that è Mussel, national secretary of Fp Cgil, which also explains how the doctors of the national health Service, così as all employees in the public sector, at the time of appointment, must take an oath of loyaltyà to the Republic, as envisaged in the connected to the 2010 budget for discussion this week at the Chamber.

And “who is not the pronunciation will not beà taken, and no waiver willà be made in the contract,” adds Cozza. For doctors, recalls a trade unionist,”è the second oath, which follows on the heels of Hippocrates, formulated before the start of the profession with the statement to take care of every patient irrespective of ethnicity, religion, nationalityà, social condition and political ideology”.

But after two oaths for physicians-public “non c’è still no renewal of the contract, despite the old relative to the years 2008 and 2009 has expired for almost two years, and for the next three years, nothing is foreseen in the 2010 budget, if not a coffee is a day, only on weekdays, you can pay with the holiday contract”, he continues.

“But between the spot and the other becauseé the minister Renato Brunetta do not is also in charge of contracts and the necessary resources? Unless it is enough to punish the doctors ‘slackers and butchers’ leaving them even without a coffee; read the parchment with his oath,” says Cozza.

Page published on 09 November 2009

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