> The negotiation of the contract, it is up to the Regions

The Cgil, should in fact know the rules and the procedures, which state that the responsible of this are the Regions, in particular the sector Committee”.

says Vittorio Pezzuto, a spokesman for the minister for Public administration Renato Brunetta in a note replying to the declarations of Massimo Cozza, national secretary of Fp Cgil.

“Mussel should also remember that – continues the spokesperson – from the very first days of the year, the minister Brunetta has più times called Regions and the Aran to the conclusion of the negotiations, but to no avail.

it is worth noting that all the contracts of the portfolios of state (sì within the competence of the minister Brunetta) have been closed and paid già from the end of 2008.”

Finally, with regard to the re-introduction of the obligation of the oath for public employees, “remind the forgetful Cgil, which was in force until about 15 years ago and that, however, is very different from that of Hippocrates: his formula predicts, in fact, to be faithful to the Republic, to observe faithfully the Constitution and the laws.

Also on this, the Cgil, not è agree?”, ends.

Page published on 09 November 2009

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