> Admissions down in 2008

In particular,the admissions in 2008 were 12.128.678, a decrease of 1.7% compared to 2007″. Specify in a note the ministry of Welfare, which on the website of the department of Health has published a preliminary analysis on the activitiesà of the hospitalization of the year 2008.

which shows a decrease, albeit slight, also of caesarean sections in the Italian hospitals. The admissions go down, then, but “with the exception of the wards for inpatients, which will increase the number of resignations, an increase of 3%.

the Sign is also positive for the number of resignations of healthy newborns: +2.2%, compared to 2007. The days of hospital stay in 2008 was equal to 76,055 million, with a reduction of 0.9 %.

The rate of hospitalization overall at the national level drops below the 195 per 1,000 inhabitants”.

“All the Regions belonging to the central and southern area of the Country, and in particular, but not only, those who have subscribed to in the 2007 Plan return (Campania, Lazio, Abruzzo, Molise, Sicily) still have rates of hospitalization for acute upper or the next 200 to 1,000 inhabitants. However, noted the pontifical council – for all of the Regions are adjustable substantial reductions that lead to highlight the important process of discharge in the act”.

Page published on the 10th November 2009

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