> Pandemic vaccine donated to the WHO

The agreement with the WHO – recalls the company – it adds to other measures such as the provision of a vaccine against the new influenza A at preferential prices to the Countries of the più the poor, according to the criteria set by Gavi (The Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisation) and the World Bank.

the Operation for which è was reserved for the 20% of the manufacturing plants GSK in Canada, a donation current included. GSK is also putting at the disposal of the 50 least developed Countries of the planet zanamivir (Relenza) at prices not-for-profit, and is considering a possible donation.

“Who will workà now to make sure that the vaccines are distributed to those who really need it”, assures the director-general of Who, Margaret Chan.

“GSK is committed to supporting the Governments and the authoritiesà, world health in their efforts to protect their populations from the pandemic in the course,” says the Ceo of the pharmaceutical giant, Gb, Andrew Witty – our commitment is a recognition of the needs of developing Countries, and this donation of 50 million doses willà to immediately initiate vaccination in some Countries, più the poor of the world”.

Page published on 12 November 2009

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