> Fimmg doctors, vaccinatevi without spreading doubts

Giacomo Milillo, chairman of the union of family doctors Fimmg (Italian Federation of general medicine doctors), wrote a letter to colleagues and invites them to do their part against the new influenza A.

“We are faced with the ever greater spread of the pandemic – begins – and our fundamental task is that of being close to the citizens by assisting them in the way più accomplished and appropriate,” stresses

“If, on the one hand, thereò entails the guarantee of health care for people with flu – continues Milillo in the letter addressed to the 27 thousand members Fimmg – an equally important and fundamental task is represented by the prevention of the spread of the disease in the population groups more vulnerable.

I Invite each of you to be active to facilitate to the maximum the vaccination of persons at risk, and to undergo vaccination against pandemic influenza”.

According to Milillo, “these months will be a major test for our category which will haveà show the citizens how much is actually on their side in time of need.

The vaccination campaign, scheduled to start from November 15, not è still in the regime and in many Asl there has been some difficultyà to take off.

In some regions, you è decided to give the vaccination to general practitioners, in the other it is preferred to assign this task to district campuses or business.

è important to those who administered the vaccine against influenza A, observes the president – but the realization of an adequate vaccination coverage. Thereforeò è essential for the message to the population of both the più clear and homogeneous as possible”.

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Page published on the 10th November 2009