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we Therefore reiterate the appeal to the doctors because; they don’t give the bad example: you vaccinino and say to their patients”.

To present “a new and pressing appeal” to the ‘white coats’, so thaté you immunizzino against the pandemic virus, è Claudio Cricelli, president of the Società italiana di medicina generale (Simg) and member of the task force of the ministry on the new influence, on the sidelines of a meeting behind closed doors about eating healthy, yesterday in Rome at the headquarters of the dicastery of the Lungotevere Ripa.

italians are attentive to the behavior of doctors. “They are waiting to see the doctors to get vaccinated, as an act of responsibilityà. We can’t think of giving a bad example, becauseé says, Cricelli reporters – if this vaccination program should fail, we would be responsible for an act of negligence, which may; have unpredictable consequences.

May happen unwanted event, and we could be responsible for the failure of vaccination, that, she recalls, Cricelli, &is vaccinated the other day – is essential to decrease all the unpleasant events and adverse influenza”.

in Short, if in the surveys, the white coats appear skeptical of the face to the vaccine, “it is necessary that doctors understand that a bad example, that face-fail the vaccination campaign, può have serious consequences, which can be called upon to answer”.

in Short, there are no doubts: “it is Necessary for the doctors to give the good example: you vaccinino, and to identify their patients at risk and them immunizzino immediately.

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it is an act of responsibilityà also the legal,” says. In the meantime, the cases multiply, but if the concern about the virus grows, among the italians, Cricelli stresses that doctors ‘ offices are prepared to deal with the situation.

“we are equipped – ensures – at The end the patients need few information clear: the H1N1 virus causes a normal flu, which as all the diseases are very numerous dà in some cases the outcomes were più unfavorable, as it happens that the world is the world. Finally – ends – the great defense against the flu is vaccination, followed by sanitation”.

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Page published on the 10th November 2009