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asks the trade union of the hospital doctors anaao assomed Assomed, in a letter addressed to the minister for Welfare, Maurizio Sacconi, and to the deputy minister for Health Ferruccio Fazio.

the appeal of The union comes ahead of the January 31, 2010, the date fixed for the expiration of the nth extension is desired by the decree 154/2008. Still più near the 30 November next, the time period within which the doctors have the ability to choose between the exercise of the profession intra-or extramoenia. the

“How sarà can – reads a note – a reasonable choice without knowing the last act, which governs the matter?

The time is the tyrant, and it was unlikely that the two branches of the Parliament will dismiss in time (by 31 January 2010) the draft law on the ‘Clinical Governance’ which is recognised, without limitation, the right to the exercise of the profession in the scheme ‘extended'”. the

For the anaao assomed “the risk is that, in the context of a dangerous period of legal vacuum, tens of thousands of doctors they may see denied a right guaranteed by the laws and made uncollectable by the inabilityà of the Regions and health care organizations to provide for the establishment of structures for the activities; free professional intramoenia”.

Intramoenia enlarged extended by a year

Page published on November 11, 2009

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