> Trade unions and management in a state of turmoil

It is announced, in a footnote, the story of the) dwellers, a day after the meeting at the Aran for the renewal of the contract (financial two-year period 2008-09) of the leadership.

The resumption of negotiations, therefore, the climate is immediately glowing.  And the trade unions, that “in the face of the commitments they had outstanding responsibly the start of the dispute, health, in the absence of solutions, some of which can be put in the context of the Financial” back on their feet.

The initials remind us of their “più brought to the attention of the Government, Parliament and the Regions some of the issues central to the national health Service and for its leadership to without getting concrete answers.

Also the commitments made by the minister for Welfare, Maurizio Sacconi, also on behalf of the minister of Public administration Renato Brunetta, which are supposed to be shared with the Regions, we have not determined so far no result”, they emphasize.

there Are 10 points on which the unions are asking to intervene: the Pact for health; re-entry plans of the Regions; fiscal federalism; enabling act for the reform of the Public administration and delegated decree; ‘scrapping’ of the leadership of the Nhs; clinical governance and renewal of the profession intramuraria; clinical risk; insecurity of the leadership of the Nhs; contract renewals; economic revaluations of the compensationà exclusivenessà.

Page published on November 19, 2009

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