> No alarm for the accounts of the Enpam

The exact the same institution, claiming that recent media reports on the risk of bankruptcy of the Case, including from some of the newspapers among those ‘in the balance’.

“The Enpam – explains a note – presents a situation of balance of the Provident Funds, in full compliance with the requirements of the stabilityà defined at the time of the privatisation of the Cases, with the exception of the Bottom of the External Specialists (representing 3.5% of total pension expenditure), of which the criticità are certainly not attributable to the Foundation, but arise mainly from the drastic reduction of the accreditation ad personam, as well asé from the strengths of the company; obligated to the payment of the contribution, that you have opened a dispute against the application of the law.”

in Addition, “the data published in the press in recent days, for 2006, show a seal of the management until 2028, while recording a assets reported at historical cost that, if properly re-evaluated, would ensure the sustainabilityà of the management in the new period of time established by the 2007 budget.

Always in terms of sustainabilityà, however, “to respect the più recent regulations, as soon as they were formalized by measures of the ministry, the Entity has timely place to study appropriate interventions and parametric on the Regulations of the social security Funds for the stabilization of the long-term management”.

Page published on November 19, 2009

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