> The pandemic of 1918, the killer perhaps it was pneumococcus

it is the conclusion of a study edited by Keith Klugman, of the division of infectious Diseases at the Emory University (Usa), who spoke Friday in Rome on the occasion of the ‘Bridging to the Future – Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine Summit’. The theory opens new scenarios also with regard to influenza A.

Klugman and his team ensure you have identified what was the true cause of the letalità the più serious pandemic in the history of humanity; have ever recorded.

“In 1918, were not available as né vaccines né pharmacological treatments effective – he explains the infettivologo – while today a large part of the population is covered by the vaccines against pneumococcus, which causes pneumonia, meningitis and other serious disorders.

In an era of antibiotics and vaccines are probably the same pandemic would be many less dead.”

The research, published in the journal ‘Emerging Infectious Diseases’, and reported on the website of Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (Cdc) american, argues, therefore, that cause high rates of mortality,à of the time it was not so much the influence in sé, as a complication which arose in consequence of the disease, in fact an aggressive infection due to Streptococcus pneumoniae.

And when sarà after the completion of the new pandemic strain of the influenza willà to tell with confidence if the Countries that vaccinate children against pneumococcus, they will be less deaths caused by influenza A.

Page published on November 15, 2009

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