> Poretti, on Ru486, the Senate is obstruction to the Aifa

in Fact, despite the assurances, the Italian drug Agency has not yet published in the Official Gazette of the resolution of placing on the market of Mifegyne* (Ru486) on 30 July, in spite of the general director of Aifa Guido Rasi was appointed by the board of directors on the 19th of October”.

Così Donatella Poretti, a radical elected in the ranks of the Pd and secretary of the Commission Sanità of the Senate, on investigation, started to pull the sums on medical abortion and to verify the compatibilityà with the law on abortion.

“The resumption of work after the summer break – stresses Poretti in a note – the committee for Hygiene and sanità of the Senate out of a total of 24 sessions, 16 with the has dedicated to the survey on Ru486.

From tomorrow (today, ed) other 4 sessions are già for even a night, and monopolizzeranno the work of the week. Really – calls controversy, senator and radical – there were no other topics relating to health and sanità?”.

“more Than 700 days for a mutual recognition procedure a medicine which usually employs 90 – noted Poretti – a situation that exposes our Country to the risk of the opening of the infringement at the level of the European Union, or of placing a forced, according to the directive of mutual recognition.

the case of the misuse of the institutions. This concludes the senator with a last stilettata – sarà well discuss this in Committee, now finally in the final phase of this investigation of the ideological”.

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Page published on November 23, 2009