> Fazio, the vaccine is safe. Trust me

it was tried on millions of people, vaccines are nearly equal to this, and not è never happened. You have to trust me.”

said Fazio to the guys that have interviewed for the Gt Guys (Tg3), which aired Friday on Rai Tre.

To William, 11 years, that question: “But if she is the deputy minister, the real minister dov’è, è sick?”, Fazio responds: “No, it is not; sick, but this is a great ministry that is called Welfare in the Health, Labor and social Policies.

there is a minister of everything, and I am part Health and I’m the deputy minister. The minister is very well, it’s called the Bags, and greets you very much.”

And Claudia, age 11, who asked if he would vaccinate his children, Fazio says: “I have two sons, Alexander, 21 years old, and Arianna, 19. Them toò to vaccinate when sarà the time, of course”. Margaret, age 11, asks instead if after taking it, the influence you can; take again: “that no.

You can take other influences. The theoretically sì, but not the H1N1,” said the deputy minister. That reassures even Martina, 9 years old, worried about not being able to più go swimming and in the gym: by adopting simple rules of prevention, “sports is next to everything. Before you do the sport and then we take care of the rest,” says Fazio.

the Page was published on 14 November 2009

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