> The NERD network is one year

about a year after the start of the project, ” commented Michele Cicala Università Campus Bio-Medico of Rome thanks to the commitment and fellowship of the group of specialists involved in the sharing and in the development of recent knowledge on the NERD, we’ve reached the first important goals of this team work. the

  my opinion, “he added, Cicada – between the results of the più relevant, for the desired effect of dissemination to specialists, primary care physicians and then to patients, c’è the creation of a system of physical and virtual, for the exchange of information between experts, specialists and physicians interested in, già shared by many.

“The Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease  comments Renzo Cestari Università di Brescia, “whether in the form of erosion that is not erosive, può be represented as an iceberg. At the base we have the majority of the subjects who complain of symptoms that are often of mild intensity; and frequency, that, with the change of lifestyle and taking antacid medications, and return to normal daily functions.  

At the summit there are the patients with severe symptoms who need different approaches to remedy the expired qualityà of life.” “The stress doctor is in fact twofold,” he added, Cestari – try to reduce both the phenomenon of reflux that the lesività material refluente in respect of the esophageal mucosa”. the

in Fact, patients with NERD demonstrate a direct correlation between the degree of exposure to the acid and the response to therapy with inhibitors of proton pump (IPP).

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Page published on 30 November 2009