> Even in Italy, the H1N1 mutated

The confirmation comes from the ministry of Welfare, after which the Istituto superiore di sanità you è placed to work to flush out any ‘transformation’ of the virus that triggered the pandemic flu. the

“About a week ago – remember the council in a note – the authoritiesà health Norwegian have reported the identification of a single mutation in the hemagglutinin (viral protein surface) of the virus of the new influenza A/H1N1, consisting in the change of a single amino acid (a glycine instead of aspartic acid), in some patients suffering from a severe pneumonia. 

the sporadic Cases of the same mutation have been reported, starting from April, in the different countries of the world both in patients with pneumonia than in patients with a benign course of the disease”.

“as A result of these reports, the Istituto superiore di sanità has re-evaluated the sequences of over 100 viral strains identified by the same number of patients diagnosed in the last few months in various Italian regions – the note continues – The mutation has been found up to now in only one patient, suffering from a severe form of pneumonia resolved following treatment with ECMO”, the machine with ‘save-the lungs, “performed in the icu.

None of the other patients examined, including those with manifestations of severe or life-threatening, had called a mutation. The Italian data would confirm that the mutation in question does not appear for now predominant in cases of serious or fatal, of the new influence; and, moreover, the same mutation has a sporadic nature and does not seem at present in phase of diffusion”.

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“This mutation, reaffirms the ministry – does not affect the effectiveness of the vaccine né on the efficacy of treatment with antiviral drugs. In this regard, it is noted that, according to data from the Iss, on more than 160 patients analysed so far, you è found only one case of resistance to oseltamivir, the antiviral medication used to fight the new flu.

“Such resistance points out the ministry – is arising as a result of prolonged treatment of a patient suffering from severe pre-existing conditions, and è remained isolated, not having been given for such episodes of transmission of the resistant strain”.

Page published on 30 November 2009