> Influenza A, the risk of a crisis for internal medicine, lazio

To lose, especially the chronically ill, not suffering from the new flu but always più elderly and always più diseases: from diabetes, emphysema, stroke, heart attack, hypertension, heart failure”.

To launch the alarm internists hospital of Fadoi (Federation of associations of managers of hospital internists) Lazio, who in a note to report discomfort in the hospitals of Rome, Frosinone, Viterbo, Latina and Rieti. “If they are not immediately interventions, says Dario Manfellotto, president of the Fadoi Lazio, on the eve of the congress in the Sheraton Roma Hotel, which has opened today the works – risk of collapse in the departments of emergency and in the ward. We are at the limit.

Increase the chronically ill who have great difficultyà to be admitted, both becauseé the acceptances in the hospital, require long waits, both becauseé many beds of internal Medicine are reserved for a few months, the emergence of H1N1,” he stresses. 

“The paradox, in some reality – continues Manfellotto – is that many of these beds remain empty for days and days, becauseé the persons to be hospitalize with flu, or suspect that are less than feared. One wonders what willà happen if the flu were to spread, if you were to check for the dreaded mutation of the virus, and if the weather should turn for the worse.

Also becauseé this flu is hitting people più young people, with less than 65 years. The seasonal flu blockà, instead, elderly patients and very più compromise. In this reality, the work of the doctors, già very heavy, would become untenable”.

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Page published on 26 November 2009