> The Italian dentists are too many

A phenomenon that touches the tip extreme in some regions, as in the case of Liguria, where there is a professional in every 745 people, And’ what emerges from the analysis of the data processing Centre of the Fnomceo (national Federation of the Orders of surgeons and dentists) on the Register of dentists divided by geographic areas.

A unique phenomenon in Europe, twice as much as indicated by the world Organization of the Sanità, seconds, where the optimal ratio should be one dentist for every 2 thousand people. Value which in other european Countries seems to be respected. According to the data of the Council of European Dentists, in fact, in Britain we find a dentist each 1.974 inhabitants, one out of 1.887 in Spain and one in 1.556 in France. the

“This scenario, the Italian, explains to ADNKRONOS SALUTE the president of the national Association of Italian dentists (Andi), Roberto Callioni – runs the risk of eroding the category. We are too many, there is an excess supply. Some private studios are già closing. And we are only at the beginning.  The projections for the coming years is frightening. the

With the entry into force of the european directive on the free movement of professionals, there will be many graduates in dentistry from other Countries. Without counting, he adds, the Italian boys who graduate abroad, where the entrance test to the facultyà più simple that from us.”

specifically, the regions where it turns the corner and find a dentist’ are the Liguria, with a ratio of one professional every 745 inhabitants, and Abruzzo with a ratio of one dentist every 796 citizens. But also in Lazio, where they exercise the profession 6.135 white coats, c’è a ratio of dentists/residents equal to 1: 833. Little più of 900 people per dentist in Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Tuscany, Umbria, Piedmont, Emilia Romagna and Lombardia, where we find the beauty of 9.417 registered in the Register.

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“The only remedy of course – explains Callioni – would be to close access for a few years at the facultyà of Dentistry. But is an impractical solution, unconstitutional. What you canò è at least make più severe enrolment in the Register of foreigners”. A future little rosy, then, seems to exist for the aspirants belonging to the category. “Unfortunately è così”, admits the number one Andi. “So much is true – concludes – that perhaps scoraggerei a young man who wanted to enter the profession, without behind a study started.”

Page published on 26 November 2009