> Fazio: vaccine adjuvanted still valid

And in general those adjuvanted”, that is; with a substance that enhances the immune response of the body, “are the più non-adjuvanted” in countering any mutations in the virus.  Così the deputy minister of Health Ferruccio Fazio, on the sidelines of the Fourth Forum on Risk Management in the course in Arezzo.

“I would Say that the big wave” of influenza cases in Italy, he added Fazio, “is likely to be in the phase of attenuation, but the point is; do not drop the attention, to avoid possible mutations of the più serious, can lead to a high level of development of the virus in our Country.

taking the point on the progress of the pandemic and remembering that “so far we have had a few million people affected”, Fazio explains that “the influence develops in a way that focal length, più or less the region for the region.  ‘ game before the Campania, and then to Piedmont.

Then the peak national è as if it were a series of peaks focal: you have to think of a wave as a tsunami, but a series of small waves which are spreading in the Country. Thereò and whereas, there willà be a peak, two peaks” of cases of the new flu.

For this, the deputy minister is back to emphasize the più filming on the importance of vaccination against the H1N1 virus.

Page published on 25 November 2009

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