> H1N1: Fazio vaccine also over 65 at risk

this was announced by the minister for Health Ferruccio Fazio, which is located in Brussels to attend an Eu Council with the colleagues of the Twenty-seven.

“In the next unità of the crisis that we will have Thursdayì -said Fazio – we’re going to extend the vaccination immediately for children 6 months to 17 years and possibly adults with pathologies at risk over 65 years.” The deputy minister explained that sarà the matter of the ordinance, “as it is to insert a category a priority in the più to già established.

“the orientation of The unità of the crisis is this – said Fazio in Brussels – we have a week of reflection to make an educated decision and get the già with an ordinance ready”. However, stressed the deputy minister, “I would anticipate that with each probability; this decision will comeà made official at the unità crisis Thursdayì”.

Fazio has explained that the decision to include this group depends on two aspects. First: “that it is; seen that the proportion of people over 65 years who is sick of H1N1 is slightly more that 3% that it was thought initially”.

Second, said the deputy minister, “it is seen that the adults, and the elderly are potentially more subject to the influences of a severe type, as is also the case for seasonal flu,”.

these two elements, he concluded Fazio, “is associated with the fact that, with the possibilityà to have a single dose (as decided by the Eu for two of the three vaccines no.d.r.), we have wide availabilityà at this time of vaccines”.

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Page published on 01 December 2009