> Fnomceo, prudence in the processes of the media to the doctors

I Ask forò that all of this is done in respect for the doctors and the professionals of the hospital ‘Sandro Pertini’ as an expression of all the white coats of our Country that, in contexts very difficult, assume the great responsibilityà.

so says the president of the national Federation of the Order of doctors (Fnomceo), Amedeo White, on the case of Stefano Cucchi, who died following the arrest for possession of drugs. A story in which are investigated three doctors of the roman hospital.

“When a person dies unexpectedly in a healthcare facility – emphasizes White in a note – the rigorous investigation of any responsibilityà is not only an act of justice due to them. It also represents a concrete act of solidarityà and genuine participation in the grief of the family.

This principle of civilizationà that is, always, everywhere and for all, then also for Cucchi hospitalized and died unexpectedly in the hospital ward prison of the Sandro Pertini di Roma”.

For the number one of Fnomceo, forò, “more and moreù often it happens that, in a context characterized by preliminary evidence, and emotional levels are understandably very high, the process of the media spills over from areas of evoking suspicions and prejudices about everything and everyone and this is objectively happening these days, on the hospital Pertini and its professionals and whyé no, on the whole of the sanità, and the professionals of the Lazio and of the whole Country.

In this case, and in every other similar occasion, we do not want né halt né hinder the search of any responsibilityà. We want to curb this drift, which erodes the relationship of trust between the citizens and the professionals and health care institutions, and that discourages the doctors and all the operators sospingendoli in unnecessary and dangerous trenches of the defensive medicine”.

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Page published on 01 December 2009