> Certificates to Inps, the Fnomceo asks for an extension

asks the national Federation of the Orders of doctors (Fnomceo) in a letter sent yesterday to the ministers of the Public Function Renato Brunetta, Welfare, Maurizio Sacconi, and to the deputy minister of Health Ferruccio Fazio, “to report the discomfort of the doctors in giving full implementation to the new regulations on the certification of illness by public employees,” it said in a note.

A discomfort that arises in the first place, from the needà of a clarification of the interpretation of that part of the article, which provides that the certification may not refer to ‘clinical data are not directly observed n is objectively documented,” and that, according to the doctors, you reflectà in a serious difficulty; for the citizens in obtaining certificates of illness.

And the white coats are worried about the serious sanctions – from radiation to the revocation of the dependency ratio, or the convention with the Ssn, up to the prison – in the face also of the uncertainties in application of the legislation.

For many diseases (headaches or some back pain for example), in fact, there are no data on the clinical objectives, while others (including all the headaches) could have occurred without leaving any sequelae detected at the time of the visit.

The doctor is likely to be in the impossibilityà to certify, or to do so after a complicated and costly defensive behaviors. These problems may be at the time ‘evaded’, “perché, not vigendo the obligation to report the diagnosis on the certificate is not made a rating of the content”.

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But “with the planned transition of responsibilities to the Inps, certification, electronically or paper, will haveà be sent, accompanied by relevant diagnosis to the insurer, and subject to a formal evaluation of the case”.

the Federation of The Orders is said to be “fully available to work for a clarification of the situation and to avoid inconvenience to the beneficiaries and inefficiencies and administrative.

And “pending timely and effective regulatory application of the matter – the law in the letter – calling for an extension of time for the implementation of the transfer of competences to the Inps”.

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Page published on the 10th December 2009