> Fazio, più research on the causes of eating disorders

said deputy minister of Health, Ferruccio Fazio, participating yesterday in Rome at the presentation of the book ‘eating disorders’ by Eolo Parodi and Antonino De Lorenzo, at the headquarters of Enpam (Ente nazionale previdenza doctors and dentists).

“it Is a question of mechanisms of which we still know little, he continued, Fazio – that are likely to be related to an alteration of nerve transmission, in particular of opioid receptors, members of the reward system”.

In the onset of these disorders seem to have a role “to serotonin, which unleashes even disorders of mood such as depression. They are phenomena that should be studied better, and that should have the priorityà”. 

For the problem of assistance to the sick of anorexia and bulimia, “we have to proceed with a revision, not a revolution – said Fazio – system of the departments of mental health, especially to achieve a higher omogeneità in the Country, and to give a central role to the general practitioner who must be able to recognize, early on, the disorders of eating behaviour,” he concluded.

Page published on 09 December 2009

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